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Matt and Adrienne met in New York City and rented a studio apartment in the Bronx with a garden of succulents on their fire escape. Matt liked doing breathwork in the middle of the floor while Adrienne was in her little nook teaching online or working on a new project. We both loved cooking homemade meals from our tiny kitchen, but our opposite schedules and lack of a nearby grocery store sometimes made that a challenge. We were happy, but we desired more. We dreamed of an outdoor garden where we could grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees to make meals with every day, but didn't quite know how to get there. However the desire persisted to a point that it could not be ignored… 

In 2020, on a whim we traded our Bronx apartment for a lease on a house we had never seen in South Carolina. The decision and transition were not sunshine and rainbows. There were plenty of hard conversations, anxiety, stress, and doubt. It was a leap of faith, and it worked!  In May of 2021 the universe led us to the most magnificent and unique house on a lush Half Acre. We knew it was meant to be our home, so we put in an offer and moved in that June. Now we have an abundance of space to spread out and pursue our passions in. We can grow and harvest our garden, cook wonderful meals together every night in our spacious kitchen. We stopped and looked at the many things we are grateful for and asked,

“Why don't we share our skills, talents, and passions? Why don’t we create a business that supports us while inspiring others?” “Why don’t we do it here on our beautiful half acre?” 

Thus the birth of Half Acre Holistics.

 Spring 2022

Through Half Acre Holistics, we open our doors to simply share what we know and what we do. Our goal is to inspire and empower others to live happy, holistic lives. We invite you to explore our many offerings. Let's all learn and grow together like the beautiful garden of people that we are! Life can be many things, why not make it the life you desire?




Matt grew up in the suburbs of New York. He graduated from Columbia University in 2003 and continued living and working in NYC as an artist and mixologist. In 2017 Matt discovered the amazing practice of breathwork and it changed his life. He embraced his newfound passion in the healing arts and enrolled in a breathwork facilitator course whilst exploring other modalities. In 2020 he left the bartending world, married Adrienne, and moved out of NYC all within two weeks - change can happen fast! Matt is currently a certified breathwork teacher through Jon Paul Crimi and a certified Reiki practitioner. He can’t wait to share the healing power of breathwork with you!



Adrienne is a lifelong student with the heart of a teacher who loves to create. She grew up in Texas and moved to NYC in 2015 to pursue an acting career. After the loss of her brother in 2016 Adrienne’s perspective on life shifted. She spent a lot of time healing and exploring the many forms it comes in. It became clear that her true desire in life was to simply be happy. Happiness took form in a passion for teaching and helping others grow. She has taught many disciplines to children and adults alike such as theater, chess, swimming, and music. While she loved her time in the big city and is grateful for it, Adrienne is very happy in her new home, pursuing a beautiful life with a garden and chickens! She continues to acquire new skills to apply to the holistic lifestyle she desires, and she looks forward to sharing them with you!


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