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Heart Warrior's Journey: Breathwork

Group Class - 60 min. Active Breathing

  • 45 US dollars
  • Half Acre Holistics

Service Description

For those who love Breathwork for Transformation and want to explore a new flavor of breathwork that can be equally powerful and profound - Join us for a NEW transformative breathwork experience. Journey inwards and explore the depths of yourself with this heart-centered breathing practice. Open up your heart to clear away anything that no longer serves you including negative thoughts, stuck emotions, behavioral patterns, and limiting beliefs. Smash internal blockages, embrace your inner warrior, and become the creator you are! Discover your limitless potential through the power of your breath. This class is for all skill levels, from first-time breathers brand new to breathwork to seasoned breathers looking to expand their practice. You will be introduced to a simple and powerful breathing technique that anyone can do. This extended breathwork experience gives breathers the space to travel to new heights and explore the nuance and depths of their breath with a full hour of active breathing! Breathing with intention can help focus, ground and energize you to step into the best version of yourself. Your breath can be the master key to profound change and powerful transformation. Simply put, Change your Breath = Change your Life. Breathwork is experiential in nature. You may experience increased creativity, deep inner peace, more self-confidence, more self-love or discover your life purpose! Whatever your breathwork experience is, it will be unique from everyone else’s and different every time you do it. It’s like a surprise or unwrapping a gift. Your breath will give you what you need in the moment - All you have to do is breathe. (Breathwork may not be advisable for those with certain health conditions such as but not limited to heart conditions, seizure disorders, severe mental illness, or those who are pregnant, or taking certain medications. All participants must review and sign the breathwork waiver prior to class. Please reach out with any concerns and always discuss with your physician to decide what is right for you.)

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  • 607 W Parker Rd, Greenville, SC, USA

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