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Community is important to us here at Half Acre Holistics. That is why we partner with local and like minded businesses to offer collaborations, retreats, workshops and breathwork classes. Below are our in house events, but you can find us all over the upstate. View our calendar to see where else we are at.


Breathwork Weekend Retreat 2023

Co-hosted by Nicole Davis Bartlett of Breath Of The Wild & Daniel Rainwater of Rainwater Breathworks

Start 2023 with a 3-day immersive weekend of transformative and embodied breathwork with three instructors, three different techniques, and three philosophical approaches to breathing. The weekend will include intention setting, energetic movement, group discussion, journaling, guided visualizations, and plenty of breathwork. This retreat will offer a safe and supportive space to share thoughts, intentions and experiences.


You will discover that your breath is a tool for powerful transformation, self exploration, and cultivation of that self. Breathwork helps you find a deeper connection with yourself, allowing you to clear away the past, heal old traumas, let go of negative narratives and release anything that no longer serves you.   


Your breath is the master key to unlocking your infinite potential  to manifest positive change in your life. Through surrender and acceptance of your breath you learn to trust your feelings, speak your truth, and move away from a life of suffering. In the process you transform and may find more clarity, self-love, purpose or inner peace as well as less stress, anger, shame or negative emotions. Begin to live from a deeper place of connection to your unique gifts that are yours to deliver to the world.

January 13th-15th 2023

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