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Private Homesteading Group Classes

Ever wish you could bake your own sourdough bread or make homemade pasta? Now you can with Half Acre Holistics homesteading classes. Great for birthdays, date nights, bachelorettes, or just for fun and the sake of learning something new. See current class offerings below.

I Always Wanted to Learn: Sourdough

18 yrs +

Have you ever wanted to make your own sourdough bread, but it was too intimidating? This is the class is for you! Let's take the fear out of sourdough. You will receive your own starter and learn how to maintain it. We will go through each step together from making your dough to pulling it out of the oven. Leave class fully prepared, with dough in hand, to rise and bake at home. Your kitchen is gonna smell so good! Don’t worry, there will be bread for tasting and snacking while we learn!

I Always Wanted to Learn: Pasta Making

18 yrs +

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction you feel after biting into the perfect twirl of homemade pasta  that you made yourself! In this class you will make and take home your choice of fresh spaghetti or fettuccine, (expect an in class taste test too!) Get ready to impress everyone and delight taste buds all over with your new skill! 

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