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What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is a general term used for bringing awareness to your breath. This can be done by simply watching your breath OR by consciously taking over the act of breathing and employing an active breathing technique with a certain intent or purpose.


Your breath is one of the most powerful healing tools to effect massive change in your life. Breathwork can help you connect with the innate intelligence of the body. 


Breathwork has been around for millennia and used in many ancient traditions as a healing tool. Most modern breathwork today is derived from ancient practices and techniques


What to expect?

It will be an experience for sure. Everyone’s experience will be different and it will be different every time you do it.  If you are skeptical  and think that breathing is boring and there’s no way you could experience all these benefits from breathing, then try it and experience it for yourself. You will be blown away!

Benefits of Breathwork

Release stress and anxiety

Heals grief, trauma & PTSD

Increased self-confidence and empowerment

Feelings of joy and gratitude

Improves clarity and focus

Ability to manifest greater abundance

Access expanded states of consciousness

Achieve deep states of meditation

Cultivate loving relationships

Increased self-love & compassion

Find emotional balance

Relief from physical pain

Release of toxins from the cells of the body

Deep inner peace

Feelings of connectedness and oneness

Quiets overthinking

Accesses intuition & higher guidance

Release stuck emotions 

Release anger, shame & guilt

Supports personal growth

Enlivened creativity

Realized life purpose

Spiritual Awakening

Breathwork Offerings

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