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I Like Corn!

A man and a woman meet working in a Manhattan farm to table restaurant. In the middle of Chelsea, they learn how intentional food can be and how every ingredient matters and makes a difference. Fresh local melon paired with a sustainably caught Arctic Char. A strawberry shortcake with fresh grated lime zest adding a zip to the richness. Whole butchered lambs being carried through the back dining room on their way down to be used fully in creative dishes to honor their lives. Every spice, every garnish has purpose. This is where food becomes art, even down to a single kernel of corn.

This is the setting of where they met. He worked behind the bar, shaking and garnishing drinks with stunning purple basil. She saw him from across her section as she poured in-house sparkling water. He was cute, she was shy, and slowly but surely they started to flirt. He liked how joyus she was, new to the city and full of wonder. She liked his mysterious and respectful charm.

One evening while closing, they stole a moment to chat while the manager ate crispy duck wings in the office. He watched as her eyes widened and face lit up as she shared her desire to attend a magic show in Time Square. He chuckled as the words, “I like magic” left her lips and her shoulders shrugged in an adorable dorky way.

Tables turned, shifts passed, they went on a few dates. One evening they decided to cook together. Fajitas were on the menu. She insisted that corn be included among the peppers, tomatoes, guac, and cilantro. He had never heard of such a thing. She went on about how important the corn component was to complete their fajita feast. Then the infamous words flowed out her mouth. “I like corn!” Followed by another adorable nonchalant shrug of the shoulders. This confirmed it, he was dating a loveable dork!